Frequently Asked Questions

1. General Information

What is the "marketplace"? A marketplace enable retailers and private individual to list and sell goods without even leaving a room. On Izzumes. users or sellers can save money and enjoy unlimited social media campaign every 2 weeks.

Do you have any stores? Not yet but in the nearest future. Izzumes is the online marketplace for all kinds of goods that can reach buyers in Kenya

Do you have a delivery? Not yet but in the nearest future. Users or sellers always can discuss with the seller on how orders will be dispatched and how this will affect packaging and the final price.

2. Free Ad Listings on Izzumes

3. Posting Ad or sell on Izzumes

4. Managing ads

5. For sellers

6. For buyers

7. Image Banner Advertisement

If you are looking forward to have your advertisement on our site, anywhere you see button "Advertise here!" you can submit own banner. After admin approval and budget payment your advert will be visible on our site automatically. Thereafter, you can request for client key URL that allows you to watch your adverts or see click statistics of your adverts. When budget is spent or expiration date is reached, advert is not visible/active anymore but categories in those advert will be visible (category check is done on search page only).
Why my AD has been pending for a very long time.? There are currently three advertising slots at the moment on Izzumes. Therefore, only three advertisers can place their ads on any section of Izzumes at the same time. Once the six slots are full, any attempt to place ads on the same section by other advertisers will result in a pending placement. However, once a slot is vacated by an advertiser, the slot will be handed over to the advertiser ascendingly and based on next priority"
Waiting time for an AD slot to be vacated? We cannot say when an ad slot will be vacated because it depends entirely on what current advertisers choose to do.
While you're waiting for your AD placement to become active Please resist the temptation to remove and then resubmit pending AD. If you do that, you will be placed at the very end of the queue.
Prohibited AD on Izzumes We reject ads for HYIPs and most MLMs because they are fundamentally unsustainable. We reject ads for health remedies that make claims that have not been verified by NAFDAC because we know that they don't work as advertised. We reject online betting and forex trading ads not for moral reasons per se but because we know that most people who patronize these business expect to make money, but the vast majority of them will lose money. We also reject some mailing list building ads because we don't want our members to be spammed. Sexual ads will only be accepted of placed in the sexuality section.
Animated AD You cannot submit animated AD on Izzumes because they are distracting.